This is an event you DO NOT want to miss. A Touch of Mystery is overjoyed to   announce a one-night Fundraiser to benefit Super Summer Theatre.  And the timing couldn’t be more perfect with Halloween the day before; Super Summer Theatre for the Performing Arts is hosting a ’70’s DISCO Extravaganza! Guests will be greeted by a quirky cast of characters who take them on a journey they will remember for days to come. Most importantly, they will laugh the night away.  This is a slice of devilishly fun entertainment!

There are three acts hired to entertain: The Diva, Vinnie Vegas and the Vinnettes, and Troy Tritone.  In this scenario, filled with intrigue, mystery and mayhem, everything was running smoothly; but when The Diva finds out she isn’t the only headliner for the evening things go sour! Her ex-fiancé and backup group are also there to perform. Tempers flare and threats run wild in this musical WHO DONE IT.  Looks like someone is about to take their final bow!

This event is on November 1, 2019 7:00 pm.  Consequently, this ISN’T your “usual” Murder Mystery Fundraiser! Guests will have an opportunity to meet and work together to solve the case! The fun takes place at SSTudio In City Series, 4340 S Valley View, Suite 206, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Deception at the DISCO! This is Murder Mystery Theatre at its finest! Tickets are only $25 per person.  To purchase tickets visit:

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Choose to have an amazing day…..Jeff